Santa Cruise - webgl experiment

Santa Cruise

Santa CruiseSanta CruiseSanta CruiseSanta CruiseSanta CruiseSanta CruiseSanta Cruise
Santa Cruise - introduction

Santa Cruise was a fittingly off-kilter way to say goodbye to 2020. The project tapped into Kffein's digital expertise and the 3D skills of a Montreal partner.

  • Récompenses

    CSSDA - Site of the day, CSSDA - UI, CSSDA - UX, Awwwards - Mobile excellence, Awwwards - Honorable mention

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What we did

  • Brainstorm the design of a computer game set in Montreal, the city we call home and were feeling nostalgic for during the pandemic
  • Share our digital expertise in graphic design using WebGL
  • Work with a local partner specializing in 3D who was also experiencing nostalgia for the city
  • Offer our clients, friends and partners a little bit of entertainment
Santa Cruise - screenshot 1
Santa Cruise - oratoire
Santa Cruise - traineau
Santa Cruise - burger
Santa Cruise - screenshot 2

The game enjoyed major visibility, winning several international contests. More than 15,000 people played it in the span of a month, with an average of 4 sessions per player.

Santa Cruise - grinch